GIS Classroom, Rudolph 308

The GIS Classroom (pictured) is located on the third floor of Rudolph Hall, Room 308. The classroom consists of 22 Dell Optiplex 7410 i5-13600 AIO (all-in-one) systems with 32GB RAM all running Windows 11 Enterprise and loaded with all sorts of useful software like ArcGIS. When not in use by a class, the computers can be used for general use by anyone with a WUSTL Key and an ID card to enter the room. This space is maintained and reserved through Arts & Sciences Computing. The room also includes a HP laser printer that can be used via PaperCut for student printing.

Remote Sensing Laboratory Virtual Computing Classroom, Rudolph 281

The Remote Sensing Lab (RSL) virtual classroom is powered by two dedicated physical servers that serve ten virtualized desktop operating systems for onsite students, and has the capability for ten remote students to check out and operate lab computers remotely using a web browser. NVIDIA Grid A40 GPU cards in the physical servers will provide a rich visual experience when using graphic-intensive applications such as IDL/ENVI, MATLAB, ArcGIS, etc.

Desktop virtualization in a lab environment provides many benefits compared to physical workstations. The entire lab can be redeployed with updated software and a fresh operating system in a matter of minutes. Additionally, virtualization provides lab administrators granular control over user access and security policies. Contact Lars Arvidson for more information

Scott Rudolph Classroom Technology

There are dedicated room projectors in all classrooms and conference rooms of Scott Rudolph Hall. The pooled classrooms, Rudolph 102, 203 and 282 are run by the Center for Teaching and Learning and they should be contacted about those systems (although we can help out in a pinch.) The Room 281 projector is supported by Tom or Lars in the Remote Sensing lab.

The other classrooms and meeting rooms (Scott Rudolph 112, 184, 202, 204, 301, 302 and 333) are managed by the department. View their descriptions for details of their available technology along with room photos. Contact Hugh for assistance using the systems in any of these room. For other locations and to take out of the building, one Viewsonic (a portable 3000 lumen) short throw projector is available for checkout. Contact Riley Mullin in the main office to borrow the projector or to schedule any of the non-pooled classrooms. EEPS Classroom schedules can be found on the Classroom page on the EEPS website.

For a floor plan of all the rooms in Scott Rudolph Hall look here. The classrooms are all shown in blue.

Virtual Instruction

The primary tools used for virtual learning on campus are Canvas, Zoom and Teams. Within Canvas there are multiple online teaching tools which you can learn about on the Center for Teaching and Learning site. For Canvas support, visit the Arts & Sciences Canvas Support Page.