Wireless Networking

Scott Rudolph Hall is currently a wifi hotspot hosting over 60 Cisco access points (SSID values of: wustl-2.0, wustl-encrypted-2.0, wustl-guest-2.0) flooding everywhere. Anyone with a WUSTL Key and a laptop with a 802.11b/g/n compatible wireless adapter (or any wifi capable tablet, smartphone or mobile device) should be able to access one of the wireless networks. You will need a laptop with the properly installed and configured software or an iOS or Android mobile device to use the secured wustl-encrypted-2.0 network. This is the most secure network but is usually not necessary. The wustl-2.0 network should be fine for most general use for anyone with a WUSTL Key. Anyone without a WUSTL Key can use the wustl-guest-2.0 network, but should realize it is bandwidth limited, does not allow access to all university services, and is not as secure as the other SSID’s. It should still be fine for casual browsing and low security use.

To manually register a wireless device for wustl-2.0 that does not have a browser, you can manually submit its MAC address using your WUSTL Key and this form.

Many visitors from other institutions can also connect to the eduroam SSID and connect using their own institutions’ authentication protocols. I know it works well for people from Saint Louis University, UMSL and Mizzou. This also allows us to use the wifi systems at these other institutions when away from campus. The eduroam SSID is also fine for general usage on our campus for WashU students, staff and faculty. Simply follow the directions on this page to connect.

Building Networking

Some folks think all of the ports on the walls of the modernly equipped Scott Rudolph Hall are all live and active. Those people are wrong! There are nearly 2,000 network jacks built into the walls but about 1,000 live ports on all our switches combined. If you want to connect a system to our network you must tell us what port you want to become active (e.g. 1234 N1). By default when you plug in to a live port you will be dynamically assigned an IP address, but it you want a static IP just ask and we can assign one to your specific machine (desktops, workstations, printers and servers only please.)

Remote Access

We have remote SSH/SFTP access to select Linux servers in our department. If you would like to have  Linux shell account to access the servers contact Hugh. Remote Desktop access to Windows machines is now directly blocked, so anyone wishing to access their desktops remotely will either need to use the Danforth VPN or use a different protocol.

The preferred method to share large amounts of data with external people is using Box. Washington University does provide Globus accounts for anyone with WUSTL Key authentication, to aid in moving large volumes of data to and from other institutions.

If you would like to access your on-campus computer remotely, I would recommend NOT using Remote Desktop over the VPN and instead use other remote access software.

Personal Webspace

The university now prefers any official website to be hosted at sites.wustl.edu, and discourages the use of departmentally hosted sites. However, for a simple site hosting a few files for download, we still let people host files on our LEVEE/EEPSC server since that is even easier than WordPress or Drupal.  Any faculty or staff member can have space on LEVEE for this reason. Any student who wants a site can request a LEVEE account for web space and I can set it up for you too. Your personal webspace on levee is in the directory public_html in your home directory. This is accessed using a URL that will look like  https://eepsc.wustl.edu/~username

Also note that all the content on the main departmental site (eeps.wustl.edu) can be updated by Katie Vishion so you should contact her to make changes on your page. Arts & Sciences maintains the hardware and software that runs it, but she can make any necessary changes.

Email Accounts

All new students, faculty and staff receive e-mail accounts on Office 365. However, anyone can receive an alias which gives them a @levee.wustl.edu or @eeps.wustl.edu address forwarded to their Microsoft account or any e-mail account desired. Please email Hugh if you are interested. We also have a number of mailing lists with @levee.wustl.edu addresses for sending out mass e-mails to people. You can contact Hugh to add or remove you from the appropriate list.

Also note that our Office 365 mail accounts have a storage quota of 100GB so there is no need to ever delete an email message that might someday be important. You should “Archive” messages to remove them from your Inbox instead.

Departmental Printers

In Room 308 there is a Xerox Phaser 7400 color laserwriter and an HP 9040 for use with the GIS workstations. Print jobs are processed through the Papercut system and will be billed to the user’s Campus Card account. In Room 222 there are two departmental printers available: a HP LaserJet 4200tn printer named chert that prints duplex black and white pages, and a HP Color Laserjet CP5225dn for faculty and staff use. There is also a networked HP LaserJet 400 Color M451dn in the first floor office area near the coffee machine. The two Kyocera TASKalfa 4054ci copiers (Room 110 and 222) can also be used as networked color printers. Other specific laboratories have their own networked printers. Let Hugh know if you want to network your computer to these printers.

The department cheerfully supplies laser printer toner cartridges for any lab in the department. We no longer support inkjet printers. Our vendor also will recycle any used, empty toner cartridges, simply leave them under the delivery table in the main office. Let us know what supplies you need and we can usually get them in 1-2 days. The university preferred toner vendor is Office Essentials (via WorkDay Marketplace) for toner. We also have a toner and service contract with Sumner One for our more heavily used networked laser printers and copiers. Please let Riley Mullin, Erin Marshall, Katie Vishion or Hugh know when any copier or printer with a Sumner One tag (ST2## or RZ9##) needs service or more toner.